The Triduum

‘The Three Sacred Days’


2 April Maundy Thursday

9:30am            Morning Prayer,                               Catsfield

7:30pm           Evening Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper

            and Watch Until Midnight               Catsfield

(you are free to come and go in the watch which starts around 8:30pm.  There will be a list in both churches, however, encouraging people to sign up for slots)


3 April Good Friday

9:45am            Good Friday Liturgy                        Crowhurst

12pm-3pm      Watch of the Passion, 12pm-3pm    Catsfield

Children’s Workshop and Way of the Cross,        Catsfield

(Meet at Catsfield Village Hall from 1:30pm)


4 April Holy Saturday

9:00am            Morning Prayer                                Catsfield

5:00pm           Evening Prayer                                 Crowhurst


5 April Easter Sunday

9:15am                        Family Communion              Catsfield

(Easter Egg Hunt afterwards)

11:00am                      Family Communion              Crowhurst

(Easter Craft and Easter Egg Hunt afterwards)

6:00                             Evensong                                Catsfield


8 Wednesday of Easter Week, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


9 Thursday of Easter Week, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


12 Low Sunday,        Holy Communion, 8am, Crowhurst; ParishCommunion 9:15am, Catsfield

Children’s Service and Baptism, 11am, Crowhurst,


15 Holy Communion 10am, Crowhurst


16 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


19 The Second Sunday after Easter,          

Holy Communion (said) 9:15am Catsfield

Family Morning Service 10am Catsfield

Parish Communion, 11am, Crowhurst


22 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


23 St George, Patron of England, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


26 The Third Sunday after Easter (St George at Crowhurst), Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield; 11am, Crowhurst


29 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


30 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


3 May The Fourth Sunday after Easter,

                                    Holy Communion, 8am, Crowhurst



Family Communion, Catsfield, 9:15am

Children’s Service, Crowhurst, 11am


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