Our one night camp at Buckholt Farm turned into something of a Survival Camp due to the incredibly strong rain. Steve Gower had done a superb job of rigging up a tarpaulin to give us a dining shelter amongst the trees and we definitely needed it. The rain didn’t seem to bother most of the Cubs who showed a marked reluctance to wear their coats. The strong rain made it quite difficult to light the fires and parts of the clearing swiftly resembled the dragon’s lair as trees disappeared in a fog of smoke.  The only serious Cub complaint was shock horror at the thought of using an old-fashioned latrine pit for their loo. The rain did stop long enough to go out and see the bats and we also had a rather muddy go at the lantern game.

We have also put in our first team for the District Commissioner’s Challenge with the chance to win the coveted wooden owl trophy. The Cubs had to be able to pitch a tent, put up a toilet tent, erect a dining shelter and make a washing up stand. When that was done they had to light a fire, fry some sausages and make a cup of tea for the judges. We did have a day practising down at Buckholt, but it wasn’t a lot of time to perfect all the necessary skills.

It was a nervous competition afternoon for Akela and Baloo wondering if they would pitch their tents properly, since they were not allowed to go near them. The hike tent turned out to be a thing of beauty, but we were a bit concerned when they discounted the teapot and decided to brew tea in the kettle. The Cubs also carefully ignored the undercover mouthed instructions to tidy up their site before the judges came round; they were too busy eating sausages to notice. In the end the judges placed the Pack fourth, which was a good position and all the Cubs received a certificate and a specially made owl woggle for their scarves.

As well as all our camping excitement we continue our normal weekly Pack meetings with canoeing, pond dipping, square lashings, tent pitching, games and fire lighting being amongst our activities. We also had stands at both Catsfield and Crowhurst School Fetes.

Finally some of the Pack also chose to finish off their Faith Badge at our last Parade service of the year by picking the hymns and helping with the prayers.

A the end of July we are off on our main summer camp and will be taking some of the pots, pans and grills some of you so kindly provided with us.

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