A Broken Angel


During the Second World War a rogue bomb blew out most of the stained glass in the east window of Crowhurst Church. Thankfully it left intact the two angel windows on the north and south side of the chancel.  These were given by the Rev’d J.P. Bacon-Philips in memory of his wife and daughter.


Sadly the one in memory of his daughter was badly vandalized at the start of November. A window that survived a Nazi bomb was smashed badly, in numerous places, by a rock being pressed against the protective grill.  It is going to cost over £7000 to put right.


Every cloud, of course, has a silver lining and I have been deeply touched by supportive comments and the offers of help to raise the money to cover the insurance shortfall. There have been private donations, a cake sale at school and the other cub leaders (independently of any suggestion from me) want to organize a sponsored walk.  Neither have I ever been so much in demand with the Battle Observer as they seek a weekly update!


One wonders what makes someone want to destroy something beautiful. It lifts my spirits to walk through both Catsfield and Crowhurst villages, but saddens me that so many passing cars feel the need to scatter their rubbish on our verges.  I feel the drivers are a bit like men dying of thirst by a river, who don’t notice the river is there.  I wish they could find the joy and the pleasure I do in our surroundings and wonder what it would take to make them see it as I do.


Of course human nature has always tended towards the destructive. The story of Adam in the Garden of Eden tells us how he was given a Paradise to live in, but blew it by doing the one thing he was requested not to when he ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge.


Adam stands for men and women who do the wrong thing. He stands for all of us who act in ways that put distance between the love of God or neighbour.


Part of the good news of Christmas is that a second Adam, the one we call Jesus Christ, shows us how a human life should be lived. We see human nature at its best where it is one with God and one in love with all people.  The angels sang at the first Christmas and although our angel window is a bit battered nothing can diminish the coming celebration of the Christ child.


Father Michael

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