Accession Day

I recently went to an open day at the current barracks of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery. The Troop fires royal salutes on important anniversaries and takes part in many other traditional state ceremonies.  I have happy memories of seeing their highly exciting musical drive at the Royal tournament which was a bit like an earthly version of the Red Arrows. ‘But why are you still called the King’s Troop when we have a Queen?’ asked one of the open day visitors. The answer is that the Troop was founded and named by our present Queen’s father, George VI and during her reign, as tribute to him, she requested that it was unchanged.

It has remained the King’s Troop for sixty years now as the 6th of this month marks the accession of the Queen to the throne on the death of her father. She quite literally went up a tree and came down a queen as the news of her accession reached her whilst staying in a tree house in Kenya.

A special service is provided each year in the Prayer Book to mark the accession, which gives us the opportunity to pray that we may be ‘wisely governed’ under her. We know that the Queen values prayer because of her public willingness to talk about its importance and to be so upfront about the Christian faith that so guides her own life.

One commentator suggested that on the strength of her Christmas broadcast she won the prize for ‘best presenter’ of a ‘religious TV programme.’ Her Christmas broadcast proclaimed the truth and value of religion and offered a heartfelt plea for our need for forgiveness. She also spoke of Christ’s birth being the true source of hope and peace.

We shall be anticipating the anniversary of the accession by one day as we mark it on Sunday 5th in church. Whether we are in a position to mark the accession, or not, we would all do well to learn to speak publicly about faith without embarrassment.  Father Michael

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