Pray Constantly’ 1 Thessalonians 5:17

By the start of this month some of us will probably be struggling to maintain our new year’s resolutions. On a regular basis I promise that I will manage my time better. I will stop trying to do too much and make prayer the bedrock of what I do mange. Whether I achieve that remains to be seen!

It can be quite hard working out what tasks definitely ought to be done by ourselves and which ones we can let go. Of course some of the tasks we want to let go of may be the ones nobody else wants to do!  Nevertheless there may be times when the problem lies with us and our reluctance to let somebody do things differently from us. Jesus, when on earth, couldn’t be in all places at once, which is why He picked His twelve apostles, who were often very different from Him, to assist Him in His work.

As well as struggling to manage everything it can be hard work praying. I think we wrongly imagine that a prayer is only any good if we feel better or uplifted by the end of it. I prefer praying in a quiet place when I am feeling calm, but sometimes life isn’t like that. All of us have to pray as we are whether that is as an over-exhausted parent, dealing with a demanding child, or as a person with hours of calm solitude to enjoy.

When we are stressed we need to remember that you can pray however you feel. One of my time-delaying tasks, when there is an administrative task I don’t want to do, is to make a cup of tea. We can be just as guilty of putting off prayer if we are always looking for the prefect place and the perfect time. Always remember that Jesus prayed on the cross, which was hardly a quiet or comfortable time for Him.

Prayer is our chance to reach out to God and He is waiting to greet us whatever our circumstances.  Father Michael

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