Oh no you don’t!


What splendid village pantomimes we have enjoyed in Catsfield and Crowhurst. There were packed halls to enjoy both Dracula and Sleeping Beauty.


I have always loved going to the pantomime and have happy memories of Babes in the Wood, which is the first one I ever saw.  I remember being utterly thrilled by the scene, with a waterfall on stage, where the babes are taken to Robin Hood’s camp.  Since then I think I have seen just about every fairy story from Cinderella to Puss in Boots.


Generally speaking every pantomime has a heroine or hero who is pretty much perfect, but endures all sorts of undeserved suffering. Just think of the beautiful, caring and kind Cinderella, who is persecuted by her cruel stepsisters.  However there is always a figure wanting to help, in every pantomime, and in the end good wins out.


My advice if you go to a pantomime is simply to sit back and enjoy. If you need a justification for going then you can remember that a pantomime also deals with most of the big problems of life through a story.


One of the things which concerns most of us is innocent suffering. Why do the good suffer and the selfish apparently flourish?  Cinderalla or Sleeping Beauty, for example, are both  innocent victims and sadly won’t be the last either. The theme of innocent suffering is one that the Bible wrestles with when various writers ask why the bad seem to flourish and the good are treated badly.


In a pantomime somebody always seeks to make a difference; sometimes not very effectively, but sometimes brilliantly. It is the same in our faith when we are called to do our best for our neighbour.  We may not be able to solve all the world’s problems, but we do what we can.  Our response to any disaster is to help whenever possible.


Any good pantomime shows a triumph of good at the end and hopefully a change of heart by the bad. The Bible is firm that we will face challenges in life, but is also definite that God’s reign triumphs in the end.  We have only to remember how the apparent disaster of the cross gave way to the triumph of the resurrection. Within the pages of the Bible there are some fairly unpleasant characters, ranging from torturers to swindlers, who change their ways and make good.  We may not be singing and dancing our way through all of 2016, but we can be confident that God is working his purpose out and that his kingdom continues to grow among us.


A happy New Year to you,


Father Michael

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