A Guide for 2015


The chances are that most of us will welcome the New Year in to the sound of Big Ben striking midnight.  Big Ben, officially known as the Great Bell, is probably the most famous bell in the world and lives in the Elizabeth Tower at the Palace of Westminster.  Before he strikes, however, four smaller bells play the Westminster chimes.


There are actually words to the Westminster Chimes.  If you ever have the opportunity to visit the clock tower the following lyric is inscribed round it.


All through this hour

Lord, be my guide

And by thy power

No foot shall slide.


I think that is amazing that behind the familiar tune played out across the world that there is actually a prayer.


In life we all have to decide who is going to be our guide in life.   Jesus promises to be our guide if we will have him.  He described to His first followers that He wanted to be their ‘Good Shepherd.’  In the time of Jesus the job of the good shepherd was to lead the flock form the front to find good pasture.  He was to use his power to protect the flock and by going first he made sure that the path was safe.


So often things go wrong when we don’t’ follow the Good Shepherd, but pick other guides for our lives.  When we make our resolutions for 2015 pledging ourselves to pray the prayer of the Westminster chimes would be an excellent beginning.


A happy New Year to you,


Father Michael

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