‘How big do you want me to build the royal yacht?’ was one of the more interesting messages recently left on my telephone. Lest you think I have entered the ship building industry I should explain that this relates to a large cut out model of the Royal Yacht Britannia.  To mark St George’s Day the Scout Troops, across the district, were asked to make items to illustrate significant events in the Queen’s reign.

With the help of two expert amateur model makers we went for the building of Britannia, which was launched in 1953.  The purpose of the yacht was to help the Queen travel the world and build friendship amongst the newly emerging nations of the Commonwealth.  The strong community of the Commonwealth is certainly something of a personal achievement for the Queen.

The building of community and friendship is certainly right at the heart of what a Jubilee is all about.  As Her Majesty recently reminded us the word Jubilee is to be found in the Bible. In the old Testament Book of Leviticus it is specified that every fifty years would be a year of Jubilee when all debts should be cancelled.  It was a way of preventing a divided society, by reminding everyone that they had obligations to help one another.

This month’s Diamond Jubilee is certainly designed to bring people together. The Queen has specifically asked us to sit down and eat together on the Sunday and we will be doing that in both parishes. There will be all the other social events to enjoy together, which range from the Catsfield Dance to the Crowhurst Beacon.  Of course there will also be the two special services to remind us that the all true authority stems from God. At this time of Jubilee I hope we all enjoy coming together in celebration, but also remember to thank Almighty God for the grace and strength He has given Elizabeth II to serve us for the past sixty years.   Father Michael

       “In this year of Jubilee…” (Leviticus 25:13)

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