A Royal Prayer

The royal wedding was celebrated in all sorts of ways across our parishes. Catsfield School had its ‘street party’ and Crowhurst had a gathering in the village hall.  There were lots of flags up and one person knitted the entire royal family in wedding costume! There are many problems to be tackled in our country and throughout the rest of the world, but the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seems to have given tremendous pleasure to so many people. There are many reasons for that and I am sure that the fact that our future king clearly married for love was a big part of it.

I hope that the Abbey service also does something to encourage others to have their union blessed by God. The service drew upon all the treasures of the Church of England, such as the Prayer Book Marriage service and some fine hymns and anthems, but there were also some surprises. The prayer composed, by the couple, was the thing which stays with me.

Their prayer told the world that they were happy to be identified as Christians, that they were determined in ‘the busyness of each day’ to be fixed on ‘what is real and important in life’ and that they hoped the love they felt for each other would help them ‘to serve and comfort others who suffer.’ These are great sentiments and all of us would do well to look to what is of true value and to love our neighbour in response to any blessings we receive.

It is a very personal prayer, but because it was used, so very publicly, became one that challenges us all to make sure we have our priorities right. In a country that is often too busy and focussed on worldly things the willingness of this young couple to pray will hopefully encourage others to do so.

Father Michael

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