Hemingfold Farm was a great place for our summer camp with its meadows, ponds and woods all being available for us to use.  The Cubs loved going fishing for carp, went foraging for berries in the woods and did a god job lashing together hazel sticks to make wash stands and a clothes line. We did all our cooking, in sixes, over open fires and as well as hearty breakfasts cooked chicken parcels with vegetables and new potatoes on the Saturday night.  As well as looking after ourselves we played a lot of games, which included rounders, building a bridge across the stream, damming up the water and several wide games.

Saturday night was our camp fire night with the songs and yells. Akela was sporting his new camp fire scarf with flashing lights for the occasion. We also said goodbye to Valerie Mighall who is stepping down as our treasurer and gave her a small presentation.

On the Sunday we had our Cubs’ Own (morning service) under the protective branches of a great cedar of Lebanon and before the final flag down presented our new Challenge Shield to Red Six.

Whilst they were away the Cubs definitely learn so much more. It was really noticeable by Sunday how they were lighting their breakfast fires without having to be told. Most of them, however, remain less keen on washing up!

None of this would be possible, of course, without the kindness of the owners of Hemingold in letting us camp there and the assistance of all the parent helpers. There was a constant need to cut up more wood, collect water, supervise the cooking, help with the games or fishing and to sort out the ‘thunderbox’.

We are also grateful to everyone who supported the car wash at Crowhurst Village Hall and who had a go on our treasure hunt map at Catsfield Fete.

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