Crowhurst Cubs

The annual St George’s Day Parade, in honour of our patron saint, was a great occasion. Along with all the other Senlac Packs and Troops, we marched down Battle High Street for a service at St Mary’s. Whilst most Cubs can effortlessly make themselves dirty they always ‘scrub up’ well on public occasions. They all looked very smart in their neatly rolled scarves and black shoes walking behind our flag with its leaping wolf finial shining in the sun. Akela did a quick change, at the church, into his district chaplain’s uniform and then led a service which was structured around the impending world jamboree in Sweden. The Crowhurst Cubs helped in a presentation on the country of Sierra Leon and had painted a picture of a Cub from that country.

We have also been brushing up on a fire lighting skills down at Kiteye Woods, cooking sausages and warming up the vocal chords for a spot of campfire singing. In addition the sixers and seconds had a special morning at Kiteye practising pitching tents, cooking and making camp gadgets.

Closer to home we had a good evening out laying trails around the old Crowhurst viaduct. One group went on ahead and laid a trail for the other group to follow

It looks ever more hopeful that we may be able to start a Scout Troop in the autumn. We have had two volunteers who are prepared to help run it.

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