Portrait of Lt-Col Papillon


The request for information about when the portrait of Crowhurst’s former squire came into the church’s possession has been successful. The Parochial Church Council minutes of 27th September 1967 record that it was offered as a gift by Mrs Lazarus-Barlow to be hung in the vestry. Mrs Lazarus-Barlow was the colonel’s daughter and gave it in memory of her father. A quick perusal of old copies of the parish records show that she retained a lifelong interest in St George’s and made several presentations. These included a descendant of the Glastonbury thorn (an ancient non-native Levantine hawthorn said to have grown from Joseph of Arimathaea’s walking staff, which he pressed in to the ground on a visit to England), which was planted in the churchyard, in the 1950s, to replace an earlier specimen which was left unmarked and mistakenly cut down. Somewhat foolishly there seems to have been a failure to mark it the second time round. If we have any horticultural experts who can identify it we would be pleased to hear from them.

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