The wind blows where it will…(John3:8)

The strong wind at the start of the year bent the weathercock over on Catsfield church and it has had to be removed by a steeplejack for repair. Our weathercock is probably Victorian, but we know they have been appearing on churches for over a thousand years.  On the Bayeux Tapestry you can see one on the top of Westminster Abbey.  Not all weathercocks are in the shape of cockerels.  Some are the emblems of patron saints such as the gridiron of St Laurence (the saint was roasted alive on one) which appears on the churches of St Lawrence, Jewry in the City of London, Ramnsgate in Kent and Tidmarsh in Berkshire. Perhaps St George’s should consider having a dragon one day as they have at St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside, London?

At Catsfield we have had a cockerel for around one hundred and fifty years, which stands for vigilance and hope.  The cockerel crows in the dark, in the hope of daylight, rather as from the dark of the cross came the triumph of the Easter resurrection.

Cockerels are also good because they have big tails which are ideally suited to catch the wind.  Whilst a weathercock may look good it is there to indicate the direction the wind is blowing in. As we all know a gentle cooling breeze can be a good thing, but a howling gale is something to be feared.

In the Bible a strong wind can be seen as a bad thing.  The strong desert wind, the sirocco, is always something to be feared as it scorches the ground with searing heat.  God can also use the wind for good.  The wind held back the waters of the Red Sea as the Israelites crossed.  Perhaps most importantly of all it is often used to describe how God makes His presence known today.  The Holy Spirit, the breath of God, can’t be pinned down like the wind (John 3:8), but we know that He is there when we feel ourselves being refreshed by His presence and guided down paths we never expected.

Like a weathercock which is ready to be directed by the wind all faithful Christians need to be open to being directed by the Holy Spirit.

Father Michael

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