3 The Third Sunday of Lent, Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield; 11am, Crowhurst


6 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


7 S Perpetua and her Companions, Holy Communion, 10am, Catsfield


10 Mothering Sunday, Family Communion and Parade Service, 9:15am, Catsfield; Family Communion and Parade Service, 11am, Crowhurst


13 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


14 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


17 Passion Sunday, Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield; 11am, Crowhurst


20 S Cuthbert, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


21 S Benedict, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


Holy Week


24 Palm Sunday, Holy Communion, 8:30am, Catsfield

Sung Eucharist and Procession with Palms, 10am, Crowhurst (meet in Forewood Rise for a 10am start)


25 Monday of Holy Week, Holy Communion, 7:30pm, Catsfield


26 Tuesday of Holy Week, Stations of the Cross, 7:30pm, Crowhurst


27 Wednesday of Holy Week, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst; Compline (Night Prayer) 8pm, Catsfield



The Triduum

The Three Sacred Days


Maundy Thursday 28th March

9:30am Morning Prayer,                               Catsfield

7:30pm Evening Eucharist of the Lord’s Supper

 and Watch                                                     Catsfield


Good Friday 29th March

9:45am Good Friday Liturgy             Crowhurst

12pm-3pm, Watch of the Cross                     Catsfield

Children’s Workshop and

 Way of the Cross                                          Catsfield

(Meet at Village Hall from 1:30pm)


Holy Saturday 30th March

9am Morning Prayer Catsfield

5pm evening Prayer               Crowhurst


Easter Sunday 31st March

9:15am Family Communion Catsfield

(Easter Egg Hunt afterwards)


11am Family Communion Crowhurst

(Easter Egg Hunt afterwards)




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