Jesus ‘began to teach them many things’ (Mark 6:34)


For years the month of May used to be blighted for me, because I was busy revising for examinations. All those currently revising, as the weather hopefully continues to improve, have my sympathy. Although I hope that I will never have to sit another test, again, that doesn’t mean that I don’t continue to value education.

Whenever I visit either of our village schools it always looks so interesting what the children are learning. As a governor I have certainly learnt a thing or two by sitting in on their science lessons.

I also think that growing in knowledge about the Christian faith for all believers is vital. Jesus spent most of his time teaching and it is clear that people wanted to learn, since we hear of Him having to speak from a boat, because the crowds were so great, teaching as He travelled, or people searching for Him to hear more. Likewise the first followers of Jesus gave over a lot of time to teaching. St Paul spent a year teaching in Antioch and regularly wrote to those he couldn’t be with.

As well as a Sunday sermon I have been seeking to develop opportunities for people to learn more in both our parishes. I enjoyed taking our recent Lent courses. A mouse abseiling down the curtains was not the only moment of interest, since some people felt they were able to ask questions about things they had always wanted to. During the rest of the year we do have Bible and discussion groups available whose details are in this month’s magazine.

I always remind parents and godparents at the christening of a child that they need to water the seed of faith that are being sowed. It is just as important to nurture that seed for ourselves, as adults, by feeding it, so we have the joy of knowing more about our faith and are not easy prey to those who would make unfair attacks on it.

Father Michael

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