Crowhurst Cubs  

In March we spent two evenings on pioneering.  On the first evening we had a competition between sixes to build both the tallest tower out of newspaper and one that would support a ball on top. The second time round we had a go at some knots and lashings that could be used to make bigger structures outside. Everyone managed a square lashing and successfully made a cross, which some of the Cubs swiftly discovered might also double as a sword! We ran out of time to make any tripods out of the giant poles kindly donated to us, but hope to do something on shelter building next term.

As part of the community challenge award we had a look round St George’s and learnt about the symbolism of the building. It was a definite hit being allowed to ring the bells. Since the clocks hadn’t changed and it was dark, when we finished, we did manage a quick go at the ‘famous torch game’ where they have to capture a lantern without the leader shining a torch on them.

We put our bird boxes in for the Crowhurst Spring Show. Since they were all identical the judges were given something of a headache. Ernie, Nathaniel and Fabian were the successful winners in our class.

With the longer evenings we prepared for an end of term walk with an evening of map reading. The Cubs are already brilliant on the points of the compass, so we learnt a bit about northings and eastings through a giant grid on the hall floor.

The walk through the Forewood and along the banks of the Powdermill Stream was a great success.  The discovery of a sheep’s skull provoked all sorts of interesting theories about there being an escaped bear in the wood. Fortunately we didn’t see anything more exciting than a heron. On route we stopped for a few games, which included a spirited tug of war.

On Mothering Sunday we had a church parade at St George’s where we helped with the collection and gave out the traditional posies.

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