Crowhurst Cubs and Scouts

The Crowhurst Summer Fayre seems ages ago now, but it would still be good to say a public thank you to those parents who made our Cub entry to the wheelie parade with its fairy story theme. With considerable ingenuity a wheelbarrow was transformed into grandmother’s bed from Little Red Riding Hood with its resident wolf. A party of woodcutters walked along side it. In the horticultural society tent we had our own class in which we submitted some of the knots and lashings the Cubs had made at summer camp.

The Magazine will have gone to press before either the Pack or proposed Troop will have had its first meeting. We know, however, that we will be welcoming three Beaver Scouts who have recently swum up and two totally new recruits. As well as some Cubs who have outgrown the Pack we also have three new recruits to Scouts. Perhaps most encouraging of all is the arrival of a new Cub leader with Robert Firth and we look forward to hearing his Jungle Book name.

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