We explored Crowhurst village through means of a treasure hunt and hopefully expanded our local knowledge. In the churchyard we had a good luck at the ancient yew, the war graves and that of the Rev’d F.R. Sheehan, previous rector and first registered Scout Master for Crowhurst in 1922. The treasure was hidden in a wood towards the top of Station Road and Akela was able to transmute the green tokens into chocolate bars.

Just before half-term we were back at Kiteye for fire lighting and wide games. The rain came down heavily in the last ten minutes, so we were very grateful for the knotting shelter.

Our first jumble sale was well supported and we are very grateful to everyone who helped us raise just over £300. This means that next year’s rent to the village hall is safely covered. Hathi did a brilliant job of organizing it and Messrs Wheatland and Gower, popularly known as the ‘bush craft boys’, made a grand job of collecting jumble.

After half-term we had an evening canoeing or pond dipping down at Tanyards Farm in Hooe. The Cubs out on the water learnt to play tag with a sponge and the others were kept busy looking for water boatmen and dragonfly larvae. It was also the first evening we had Kester, an Explorer Scout with us, who will be helping for the term as part of his Duke of Edinburgh Award. He is going to be known as Shere Khan.

We are currently planning for a one night camp down at Buckholt Farm and our summer one in Telham. The last planning meeting was quite memorable since some joker filled all the muddy boots, left out on Akela’s doorstep, with gravel. Finally if anyone has any metal teapots they no longer want, metal grilles, or cooking pans we would be very pleased to have them.

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