Parish Kalendar



For baptism, weddings and funerals please contact the rector.

Confessions are by appointment.

Morning Prayer is normally said at 8:30am in Catsfield on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and, in Crowhurst, on Wednesday. Evening Prayer is normally said in Catsfield at 5pm Monday to Wednesday.



1 All Saints’ Day, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


2 All Souls’ Day,

Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield

Holy Communion, 10:30am, Crowhurst


5 All Saints’ Sunday (The Twenty-Fourth Sunday after Trinity)

Family Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Children’s Service, 11am, Crowhurst


8 The Saints and Martyrs of England, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


9 Margery Kempe, Mystic, c 1440, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


12 Remembrance Sunday (The Twenty-Second Sunday after Trinity)

Parish Communion and Act of Remembrance, 9:15am, Catsfield

Remembrance Sunday Service, 10:50am, Crowhurst


15 St Machutus, bishop, Apostle of Brittany, c. 564, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhrust


16 St Margaret, Queen of Scotland, 1093, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


19 The Twenty-Third Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion, 9am, Catsfield

Family Morning Service, 10am, Catsfield

Parish Communion, 11am, Crowhurst


22 St Cecilia, Martyr at Rome, c.230, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


23 St Clement, bishop of Rome, Martyr, c. 100, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


26 Christ the King

Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Parish Communion, 11am, Crowhurst


29 Day of Intercession and Thanksgiving for the Missionary Work of the Church, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


30 St Andrew the Apostle, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


3 Advent Sunday

Holy Communion, 8am, Crowhrust

Family Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Children’s Service and Baptism, 11am, Crowhrust

Advent Carol Service, 6pm, Catsfield




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