Generosity of Spirit

The government is currently researching a report on why the various riots took place over summer. I suspect there are many reasons for them (including some grievances that need to be redressed), but I feel one of the factors is the lack of belief that there is such a thing as right or wrong. Some of the movers and shakers in our country are also very keen on individual rights to the detriment of stressing our duties to others.

I did read that some people looted shops, because they believed they were lacking in the necessities of life. Food, drink, heat and shelter are necessities, but I remain unconvinced that electrical good, jewellery and designer clothes are necessities.  I thought it was a painful contrast seeing the drawn tired faces of those starving in parts of Africa and the full faces of those with the energy to destroy other people’s livelihoods. It must have been so painful for some small shopkeepers to recognize the faces of actual customers wrecking their businesses. The tendency to put yourself first and to forget every one else is sadly present at all walks of life as we have seen in the banking scandals and the generous interpretations of Parliamentary expenses.

Our harvest festival celebrations in both churches and schools are a reminder that we are stewards of the gifts God gives us. Jesus, in one of his stories, criticized the motives of the man who stored up all the rich harvest in his barns for his own use with no intention of sharing with others. He was guilty of considering himself only and forgot his duties to others. Instead we are told to feed the hungry, give a drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, go to the prisoner and visit the sick (Matthew25:35-36).

If everyone went to bed one evening and woke up in the morning with a determination to live out such a life of demanding love then the world could be changed over night and it wouldn’t cost a penny.

Father Michael

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