Parish Kalendar for October


For baptisms, weddings and funerals please contact the rector. Confessions are by appointment.


Morning Prayer is normally said at 8:30am in Catsfield on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and, in Crowhurst on Wednesday. Evening Prayer is said at 5pm Monday to Wednesday in Catsfield. During term-time Crowhurst School has a weekly Wednesday church service at 9:10am.



1st St Remigius, Bishop of Rheims, Aposlte of the Franks, 533, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


4 The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion, 8am, Crowhurst

Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Harvest Thanksgiving Service, 11am, Crowhurst


7 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


8 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


11Feast of the Dedication of the Church (The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity), Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield; 11am, Crowhurst


14 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


15 St Teresa of Avila, Teacher 1582, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


18 St Luke the Evangelist (The Twentieth Sunday after Trinity),

Holy Communion (said), 9:15am, Catsfield

Family Morning Service, 10am, Catsfield

Parish Communion, 11am, Crowhurst


21 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


22 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


25 The Twenty-First Sunday after Trinity, Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield; 11am, Crowhurst


28 St Simon and St Jude, Apostles, Holy Communion, 10am


29 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


31 All Hallows’* Eve (Halloween), Procession from Village Hall for Service of the Light in the Church, (6pm start from hall)




1 All Saints’ Day

Holy Communion, 8am, Crowhurst

Family Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Children’s Service, 11am, Crowhurst


2nd All Souls’ Day, 9:30am, Holy Communion, Catsfield; 11am, Crowhurst


4 Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst

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