1 The Sixteenth Sunday after Trinity (Harvest Festival at Crowhurst)

Holy Communion, 8am, Crowhurst

Family Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Harvest Thanksgiving Service, 11am, Crowhurst


4 St Francis of Assisi, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


5 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


8 The Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity (Harvest Festival at Catsfield)

Family Communion for Harvest Festival, 11am*, Catsfield

Parish Communion and Discoverers (Sunday School), 11am, Crowhurst


11 Holy Communion,10am, Crowhurst


12 St Wilfrid of Ripon, Bishop and Missionary to the Kingdom of Sussex, Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


15 The Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity

Holy Communion, 9am, Catsfield

Family Morning Service, 10am, Catsfield

Parish Communion, 11am, Crowhurst


18 St Luke the Evangelist, Holy Communion, Crowhurst


19 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


22 The Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

A Service of Commemoration for the Bi-Centenary of Jane Austen, 11am, Crowhurst

(Discoverers Sunday School, will still be meeting at 11am too)


25 St Crispin, Martyr at Rome, Holy Communion, 10am, Crowhurst


26 Holy Communion, 9:30am, Catsfield


29 Feast of the Dedication of the Church

Parish Communion, 9:15am, Catsfield

Parish Communion, 11am, Crowhurst


31 All Hallows’ Eve (Halloween), Procession from Village Hall for Service of the Light in the Church, (6pm start from the Village Hall)


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