St George’s Dinner

Since the late date of Easter made it impossible to celebrate out patron on the 23rd April we waited until the autumn for our roast beef dinner in the village hall. ‘O the roast beef of old England’ was sung after grace was said to mark the start of the meal. The rector reminded us that first class passengers, on the Titanic, were sung into dinner by the same song; he hoped that the end of our evening would be less dramatic.

Frances Hamson and Valerie Mighall did us proud with leek and potato soup, followed by the beef and all the trimmings. Others had kindly provided a pretty lavish selection of puddings.

Some how the organizers then managed to arrange for a blast from the past when Lord Robert Baden-Powell, complete in his shorts, big hat and white moustache, entertained us with the story of his life as a soldier and founder of the Boy Scouts. It is just a shame that Fr  Michael was out of the room when all this was going on as he would have loved to have met him.

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