When a death occurs it is never an easy time. You are always welcome to talk to us about the death of a loved one. When it comes to the practicalities, to arrange a funeral in the first instance you should contact an undertaker who will advise you of the process and then liaise with the Church to find a time for the service which is suitable for all concerned.  We will do our very best to work with you, since we are fully aware that this is the last act you can perform for a loved one.



Burial within the churchyard is open to those who were resident within the boundaries of the church parish of Crowhurst.   Although the churchyard is open to all residents the burial service reflects the fact that this is a place of Christian burial   

There is also a small garden of remembrance where ashes are interred.


We are fully aware that people may wish to mark the burial site of a loved one.  It is important to consider that the legal rules governing churchyards are much stricter than local cemeteries and that not all monuments will be permitted.  Fr Michael will be very pleased to talk this through with you.