On Sundays we meet at 11am to celebrate Holy Communion.  There is a mixture of formality and laughter!  We have a robed choir and draw on the traditions of the past, but also know that we are part of an ongoing story.

 Please see our monthly calendar for up to date information on our services.


11:00am – MIDDAY, Family Communion

In obedience to Our Lord’s own words, at the Last Supper, we offer gifts of bread and wine, which through the power of the Holy Spirit makes Him present to us today. In this gift of Holy Communion the saving power of the cross is made present, along with the triumph of the resurrection.

We normally have a robed choir to assist our singing on Sunday and there is always a sermon (talk) to help us to understand the readings we have heard nd to apply them to our own lives.


Holy Communion, 10am-10:30am

On Wednesdays we use the older form of service, which comes from the Book of Common Prayer of 1662. In language of worship was Latin until 1549 when the first Book of Common Prayer offered an English translation. This was heavily used by the compilers of the Book of Common Prayer of 1662, which remains the official book of prayer for the Church of England. The Prayer Book was compiled at a time when for beauty of rhythm and splendour of diction, the English language was at its zenith.  Time and faith have hallowed this work and the Prayer Book is now hailed as one of the supreme achievements of the English tongue.  Such a masterpiece enhances the sense of wonder at God’s love as He reaches out to us in the precious gift of Holy Communion.

Afterwards we always meet for coffee and conversation in the Parish Room.



Details of services for holy days and other special events may be found on the monthly list.